Pro-Line Hyrax SCXL All Terrain Tires

Racing short course trucks is a lot of fun, but the fact is for every short course truck seeing action at a track there are dozens and dozens tearing up backyards. This means that most of the tires for short course trucks aren’t really ideal for how the majority of trucks get used. That is not the case with Pro-Line’s Hyrax SCXL All Terrain tires. Not only did Pro-Line use their popular Hyrax tread pattern, but they made the SCXL version 1/4 in. taller than typical short course tires. That means more ground clearance and that means more off-road capability for your short course truck. The Hyrax SCXLs are molded in Pro-Line’s M2 compound. Overall height is 4.75 in. and the width check sin at 1.86 in.

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