Pro-Line Rock Shooter 1.9″ Aluminum Composite Internal Bead-Loc Wheels

Wheels can absolutely make or break a vehicle. This goes for full-size and RC. If you want to make your ride stand out, get some new wheels. But, style matters, so choose wisely, but remember wheels don’t only alter looks, they can impact performance. A safe bet, especially if you have a more classic looking scaler, is the new Rock Shooter 1.9 in. aluminum composite wheel from Pro-Line. The face and main body is machined and detailed aluminum, but the inner ┬áis plastic. The three-piece design is an internal bead-loc, which means your tires won’t rip off your wheels, but thanks to Pro-Line’s design it means you get that bead-loc securing but only have to deal with six bolts per wheel. If you’ve every assembled wheels with front and rear bead-lock rings, you will appreciate this. Since the hex area of the wheel is aluminum these will last.

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