Spektrum Smart S2100 AC Charger

Certainly better known for their 2.4 GHz radio systems, Spektrum might not be the first company you think of when shopping for a charger, but that may soon change. While more than one new charger will be released, the S2100 AC charger, like the other new models, features what Spektrum is calling Smart Technology. Batteries in the Smart lineup will feature microchips, so when they’re combined with a Spektrum Smart charger there will be no guesswork. The charger will automatically detect and use the ideal charging settings.

The S2100 will charge a variety of cell chemistries, but for LiPo, it will charge up to 6S packs. The charge rate can go up to 12 amps. It will discharge up to 3 amps. Since this is a AC charger, a power supply is needed.

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