5 Things I Don’t Like About RC

RC is all about having fun, but there are simply certain things, tasks I don’t like about the hobby. I’m not trying to be negative, but, come on, there has to be something you don’t like about RC. Below are my top five. See if you agree or have a completely different list.

5. Masking bodies. When I’m using liquid mask, I guess I don’t hate it that much, but I absolutely can’t stand using and cutting tape. It’s just a pain in the butt.

4. Threading turnbuckles. Even with the right tools this just gets hard on the fingers and monotonous. Even worse, I could use a laser level, digital calipers, prayers and my camber and toe will still be comically off when the build is done.

3. Corner marshaling. This is just laziness. I don’t mind it so much once the race starts, but nothing is worse than baking in the sun while everyone waits for the guy you didn’t think to make sure his car worked.

2. Cleaning muddy vehicles. Dirt blows off with an air compressor, so no big deal. But, mud gets in everything. It requires so much cleaning and disassembly to really get the car right, and even then–while it’s entirely in my head–after a half hour of cleaning everything still feels gritty.

And, hands down the number one thing I pretty much hate about RC is . . .

1. BUYING TRANSPONDERS! Transponders are expensive, but if you race, they’re completely necessary. House transponders are a thing of the past. As much as I don’t miss having to wait for the house transponder (I’m still waiting on yellow number seven), I hate dropping a hundred bucks on the little red boxes.


Honorable mentions: gluing tires, assembling bead-lock rings, trying to fix someone’s off-brand speed control when they don’t have the manual, long and unnecessary delays on race day, justifying the cost of hobby-grade RC to people

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