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Tamiya 1/14 Monster Beetle Trail (GF-01TR)

The Monster Beetle is back, and this time it’s available in a cool and fun 1/14-scale size and in true Tamiya kit form for all to enjoy. Molded in well-detailed ABS plastic, there is no mistaking the Volkswagen Beetle that made the original Monster Beetle an instant hit. This time around, the GF-01TR chassis provides an alternative off-road driving experience.


With its Baja-style fenders, a bobbed rear end, chrome accents include headlights, auxiliary lights and the rear mock engine, the Monster Beetle Trail is a standout.



The GF-01TR 4WD chassis is based around the popular GF-01 series. It is a lightweight and a tough frame, with power provided by a centrally located 540 size motor. The wheelie bar and front sprung bumper adds to the driving fun.



The gearbox is sealed to protect from dust and debris. The GF-01 has integrated the transmission into the frame. Built-in differential gears with internal metal bevel gears provides durability and stability.


If you want to add some extra traction, Tamiya included diff putty. It’s something you may or may not use, but it’s there.



The GF-01 features 4-wheel double wishbone suspension that utilizes friction dampers, with a 2-piece tie rod steering setup. With the servo on the left of the chassis, it help give some balance and control. Bright yellow wheels are fitted with 115mm diameter hybrid pin spike chevron type lug pattern tires.



New to the GF-01, all wheels are driven by four separate hub reduction units, which allows for greater torque to each wheel. All metal gears makes for a durable transfer of torque and power.



  • Monocoque frame
  • Independent double wish bone suspension
  • 540 silver can motor
  • Gear Ratio = 37.35:1 (using kit standard 18T pinion gear)
  • 3-Bevel gears in differential


  • Scale – 1/14
  • Drivetrain – 4WD
  • Length – 333 mm
  • Width – 270 mm
  • Height – 215 mm
  • Wheelbase – 174 mm


  • ESC





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