DE Racing Street Outlaw SCT Rear Tires

Reaction time is good. Power is arguably even better. But, no matter what, you are simply not winning any drag races without traction and lots of it. DE Racing knows this and has some new sticky kicks for your SCT dragster. The Street Outlaw rear tires come in DE Racing’s D30 (super soft), D40 (soft) and clay compound. They are sold in pairs and include closed-cell foam inserts.

The Street Outlaws are 3.75 in. tall and the tread is 1.7 in. wide. The overall width is 1.95 in.

When asked about how the clay compound compares to the D30 and D40 compounds, DE Racing president Dave Enstrom stated, “The clay is a little firmer, but the main difference is the way in which this rubber creates friction or grip. A D30 or D40 tire are soft and sticky, but will slide across a table. The clay is pretty soft and sticky as well, but will not want to slide.”

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