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Kyosho Psycho Kruiser VE 2.0 Readyset

“The brutal power of this machine is meant for expert hands only!” Challenge accepted. So, what’s so brutal about the Kyosho Psycho Kruiser VE 2.0? Well, it’s a big 1/8-scale beast of a monster truck that can handle 22.2V. The Kyoto Speed House Torx8 motor is 2000 Kv, which is plenty when combined with 22.2V. The basic deign is has the typical 1/8-scale buggy/truggy layout, so there’s an aluminum chassis plate and long-arm 4-wheel independent suspension and over-sized aluminum shocks. It’s all shaft driven with the motor spinning a center diff that connects via drive shafts to the front and rear gear diffs.

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