Spektrum Firma Smart Speed Controls

When Spektrum recently announced its Smart chargers, it did so with the promise of even more Smart technology. Well, it didn’t take very long. Firma Smart speed controls are here, and Spektrum is offering up three initial versions. All three deliver ready-to-go telemetry, so monitoring rpm, amps, volts, cell balance and temps has never been easier thanks to what Spektrum is calling the Smart Date Wire. According to Spektrum, “The Smart data wire on the innovative IC3/IC5 connector replaces sensors, sending telemetry information to the transmitter directly from the Smart ESC.”

The Firma 160 Amp speed control is for 3- to 8S. That’s 29.6 volts!

The Firma 150 Amp speed control is for 3- to 6S.

The Firma 130 Amp speed control is for 2- to 4S.

Learn more here.

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