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Tamiya CC-02

The Tamiya CC-01 is a popular platform that, over the years, the Japanese model company has used under a variety of bodies ranging from early Broncos to late model Toyota FJ Cruisers. The CC, which stands for Cross Country, is often referred to as a trail truck. The tub chassis features a 4-link rear suspension with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension, and, overall, it delivers a highly realistic stance. While the CC-01 may not have a ladder-type frame commonly used on scalers, the proportions–length, width and tire size–the CC-01 delivers are hard to beat when matched with the right body. Well, as good as the CC-01 is, it’s about to get a big update in the form of the CC-02.

The biggest change is to the front drivetrain and suspension. The independent suspension has received a solid axle swap with a 4-link suspension setup to match the back. Maybe an equally big change is the new ladder frame. The axles come with open differentials, but they can be locked with included parts. Twenty gear ratios, between 11.09:1 and 29.28:1, are possible using separately sold pinion gears. The servo is also chassis mounted.

The 4WD drivetrain positions the motor longitudinally behind the front axle, with separated gearbox and transfer case.

Tamiya indicates that kits will include the TLU-01 LED Light Unit and LEDs, and the first body we expect on the new chassis is the Mercedes-Benz G 500.

So you can go check what bodies will fit, the wheelbase is 10.5 in. (267 mm) and the width is 7.7 in. (196 mm).

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