1up CF Body Hole Protectors

I’m not sure I need these, but I really want these. 1up Racing has taken the mundane body washer of all things and tricked it out. I mean really tricked it out.

Lexan bodies can take a real beating. Not only will the body get scratched and scuffed just sitting on body mounts, but if things get rough the post can punch right through the body. Body post washers and self-adhesive body hole protectors prevent that. 1up’s body hole protector are 3M extreme adhesive backed carbon fiber body washers. Yes, real carbon fiber! They measure in at only only .25 mm thick and a set of four weighs less than .5g. These fit 5 mm body posts that are commonly found on 1/10-scale off-road buggies and trucks, as well as 1/12-scale on-road cars. Other versions are available for 1/10-scale on-road, 1/8-scale on-road and 1/8-scale off-road.

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