JConcepts Finnisher Stadium Truck Body for Team Associated T6.1

The JConcepts Finnisher body is a direct fit for the Team Associated T6.1 and YZ2-T stadium trucks and even features body-mount dimple locations for an easy fit.

The slight cab forward and raked windshield are accompanied by a revised front hood scoop. The front chin spoiler, headlight area and grill are designed to help reduce unwanted up-drafts during flight. JConcepts states that, like the ROAR National Champion Hi-Flow SCT body, the Finnisher body has built-in air escape passages, which allow you to fine-tune the body for maximum outdoor performance. JConcepts adds that the included high-performance Gurney spoiler increases rear grip and balances the handling characteristics of the aggressively styled body. The large rear shock bump out areas facilitate the shocks being placed on the front or rear of the rear suspension. The new body includes window masks and Finnisher decal sheet are included.

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