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Thunder Tiger TTRCSport PUBG 4×4 American Pickup Truck

If you’re not into video games, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is, in my humble non-gamer opinion, halfway between the realistic shooting game Call of Duty and the rather cartoonish and offbeat, but insanely trendy Fortnite shooting game. I guess if you’re not into video games that description probably doesn’t help and, truth be told, PUBG has more Call of Duty-like graphics but Fortnite-like gameplay. It really doesn’t matter and none of that is probably helping either. What you need to know is PUBG is a really popular video game. What you also need to know is TTRCSport is a division of Thunder Tiger. And, the last thing you need to know is that TTRCSport has a new PUBG based RC ride called the PUBG 4×4 American Pickup Truck. If you play the game, you’ll recognize it.

Starting up front, the PUBG 4×4 American Pickup truck, which looks a lot more like a Chevy Blazer than a pickup, features a chassis mounted servo. The front and rear suspension are metal 4-link setups and the shocks are threaded for easy ride-height adjustments. The front axle has metal CVAs, which is a nice and unexpected bonus. The wheels have 12 mm hexes, so swapping out wheels for a different look will be a breeze. Rounding out the drivetrain, everything rides on ball bearings and the 3-gear transmission has a 15:98:1 ratio.

For control, TTRCSport includes a rather nice looking 2.4GHz transmitter. The speed control is water resistant and powers a brushed 380 motor. A 850 mAh Li-ion 7.4V 2-cell batery and charger are also included. And, as I’m sure you guessed, the PUBG 4×4 American Pickup Truck is fully assembled and ready to run out of the box.

The wheelbase is 9.5 in. so it’s safe to say it’s 1/12 scale. That said, for comparison sake, it is slightly bigger than Team Associated’s 1/12-scale CR12, which has a wheelbase of 8.86 in.

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