JConcepts 1982 GMC K10 body for Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo

As Huey Lewis championed, “It’s hip to be square.” Well, it is if you’re a Chevy fan. And, if you are, you’ll love JConcepts’ latest release–theĀ 1982 GMC K10 body for the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo. It’s a spot-on clear Lexan replica of one of the most popular truck body styles ever produced.

The Chevy square body spanned an 14 years and with only small changes to the grille, headlights, and trim packages throughout the years. Prefer a particular year? You’re in luck. JConcepts includes a decal sheet for five different grille and trim packages. Also, quadruple light and double light bezel setups are included, which contain bar and tube grille combinations. In addition, a large selection of badges are offered on the sheet featuring Sierra Grande, Custom Deluxe, Cheyenne, Scottsdale and Silverado combinations.

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