JConcepts Scale/Trail Truck Drawstring Tote Bag

As JConcepts points out, it’s pretty common to leave an off-road session with some of the off-road on your rig. Their tote bags makes it a lot easier and cleaner to move your truck from place to place. The drawstring bag has a handy base design and is made from a durable material. More than just a bag, the tote is comprised of multiple compartments. The largest space is designed for the vehicle, and inside the large opening is a divider which allows the you to separate items, such as instruction manuals, setup books or small items, from the vehicle compartment. On the outside, a zipper closure opens to another slide compartment. Thick drawstrings are located on the perimeter which when pulled together clinches the bag at the top.

Heavy stitching is used for strong construction and small holes are located at the bottom of the outside pouch for ventilation. The bag is topped off with the JConcepts Racing Team logo.

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