RPM Losi Rock Rey Front Bumper and Skid Plate

Rock racing is pretty brutal. In fact, it’s probably the single biggest test of durability in RC that actually still counts as racing. To help survive this level of torture, RPM has a new front bumper and skid plate for the Losi Rock Rey.

These aren’t just stock parts molded in RPM’s proprietary nylon. These are an all-new design. RPM moved the skid plate from between the chassis plate and differential to below the aluminum chassis plate. With this setup, the aluminum chassis plate now has some protection where before it had none. And, more importantly, the RPM design allows the freedom to create a flex zone on the skid plate for more movement of the bumper during high impact.

Three ribs on the skid plate help strengthen the front of the skid plate and help with transitions over tall obstacles. RPM explains that when this is coupled with a more rounded transition zone up front, obstacles that might typically stop the Rock Rey dead in its tracks are now slipped over smoothly.

The skid plate isn’t the only place RPM looked to improve strength and durability. The new nylon bumper protects the front of the Rock Rey, yet provides ample clearance for the tires during hard cornering. RPM incorporated another flex zone in the bumper that allows the bumper to compress under extreme impacts, yet return back to its original shape once the impact energy has dissipated. This ability to compress also protects the more fragile areas of the truck such as the front differential and chassis plate since the bumper now absorbs the impact instead of transferring that energy into the chassis.

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