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JConcepts Ford SVT F-150 Lightning SCT Drag Racing Body

It should come to no surprise to you that, at RC Truck Stop, we love trucks. I personally happen to be a big Ford fan. To balance things out, Chris Oswald is a Chevy fan (somebody has to root for the underdog), but this release is for me, not him. This time around, JConcepts has the blue oval hookup with the release of a 1999 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning for drag racing. Even though I’m an off-road guy, I have always wanted a Lightning and hope to get one someday just for cruising. For now, I am happy to settle for this RC version. The SVT F-150 Lightning body is low slung and features a scale look. It help rear traction when drag racing, it also features the addition of a rear spoiler. JConcepts points out that exterior elements that distinguish the Lightning from the regular F-150 include new upper and lower front grilles with a horizontal design that is unique to the Lightning.

The Lightning body is 11 in. wide with a 13 in. wheelbase and comes clear and includes decals, window mask and overspray film.

Learn more here.

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