RCRI Extended Graphite Motor Plate for HR Traxxas Slash Transmission

This is a hop-up for a hop-up. The RCRI (RC Racing Innovations) graphite motor plate works with the HR (Hot Racing) aluminum transmission case (part no. TE12HX01) that is designed to replace the plastic case used in the Magnum 272 transmission for the Traxxas Slash, Rustler and Bandit. If you’re into drag racing or speed runs, this can be your secret weapon. The 3 mm thick carbon fiber extended motor plate allows for more gearing ratios. Basically, it allows for huge pinions. RCRI states it also features a lower profile for a lowered center of gravity and that it is nearly half the weight as the HR aluminum plate. You can use the motor plate with either RCRI’s flat or ladder wheelie bars using RPM rear bumper mount and HR posts that come with the transmission.

The gearing setup shown above is a 45-tooth pinion with a 83-tooth spur. The gears are 48 pitch.

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