Muchmore Racing LiPo Fireproof Safety Bag Ver. 4

We highly recommend using a LiPo bag when charging. They’re pretty simple devices–if you can even call them that. Yet, as simple as the concept is, Muchmore Racing has released not just a new release but a fourth version of its LiPo Fireproof Safety Bag.

Ver. 4 has double covers made fireproof fiber, and Muchmore states that the double covers wrap the LiPo battery and make it much safer in the event there is a flame-throwing fire. The bag easily holds three standard-sized LiPo packs, and you can, of course, also use the bag for safe LiPo storage.

Please keep in mind that any LiPo bag is only intended to reduce the chance of damage. As such, you should never leave a charging LiPo unattended.

Learn more here.

To learn more about LiPo technology check out this article.

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