McAllister Highside Tickler Midwest Modified body

Eastern Dirt Modifieds, or EDMs, are getting all the attention these days, but there’s a lot more racing going on out there. If something different appeals to you, McAllister has you and your race car covered. Its latest release is the Highside Tickler Midwest Modified body. The “Tickler” is a 3-piece, vacuumed-formed midwest modified body for 1/10-scale buggies and purpose built chassis.

According to McAllister, this body utilizes the realistic shapes, curves, and aerodynamic advantages that you will see on the track at top modified races across the country. The air travels from the sloped nose, to the flat deck, and on back to the built in spoiler to give the most down force without creating excess drag.

Only eight fasteners are needed to assemble this body and McAllister states it weighs about half as much as traditional fabricated “multiple piece” bodies. This is especially beneficial in spec classes where you are limited on power.  The windows are designed to be left in, creating the maximum amount of steering while efficiently channeling the air directly to the rear spoiler.

The body has easy to follow cut lines and dimples for mounting properly and legally per DODC rules. Instructions are included with tips for trimming and mounting. The body is designed to be two pieces when mounted so that you can leave the nose on unless front end adjustments need to be made. The deck and hood can be easily attached to make this a one piece body if you choose. The rear of the body has a built-in brace on the right side for strength and durability when you are Tickling the High Side! Two additional braces are included to be added where and if you wish.

The roof and sails, nose and hood are .030 in. Lexan and the deck and sides are formed from .40 in. Lexan. Two body braces and eight 4-40 1/4 in. stainless steel screws and nylon nuts, as well as window masks, are included.

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