STRC Aluminum Heavy Duty Servo Mount Tray and 6.5mm Brass Hex Adapters for Element RC Enduro

If you have an Element RC Enduro, you’ll be happy to know the aftermarket support just keeps growing. Masters of aluminum, ST Racing Concepts, AKA STRC, now has a CNC Machined Aluminum Heavy Duty Servo Mount Tray and 6.5mm CNC Machined Brass Hex adapters for Team Associated’s Element RC Enduro.

The CNC machined Heavy Duty Aluminum servo mount tray is stronger than plastic and helps reduce flex
around the servo mounting and help transfer maximum torque and power from your
steering servo to the steering links. This piece is available in black, gun metal, red (limited) and
silver anodizing.

The CNC Machined Brass hex adapters add over 20grams of weight towards the lower parts of the Enduro. At 6.5 mm wide offer a slight wider, more stable stance than the stock hex adapters.

Learn more here.

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