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Pit Bull RC Rocker Tread Insta-Trax

Off-roading is fun–until you get stuck. Full-size enthusiasts have been using devices such as sand ladders and traction boards for years. RC scalers have been doing the same because they look cool and, well, they work. For the most part, other than color, these traction aids have all pretty much looked the same. That has definitely changed with the release of Pit Bull RC’s new folding Insta-Trax.

Folded, these boards measure 103 mm long and 40 mm wide. Unfolded, they stretch out to 200 mm. The hardware is stainless, so it won’t rust and the boards are made out of high impact PET plastic.

The standout feature, besides the fact that they fold, is the use of the now iconic Pit Bull Rock Beast tread pattern. The Insta-Trax have a built-in ladder-style frame construction  with a staggered height pattern to help in low-traction, wet conditions. These are made in the U.S. and sold in pairs.

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