Corally Kronos XP 6S RTR Monster Truck

Corally has some big news in the form of an oversized ready-to-run monster truck dubbed the Kronos XP 6S. As you can tell by the name, it can handle a 6S LiPo, 4- to 6S, to be specific. It’s slated to feature a HobbyWing TC Torox 185-amp speed control matched with a TC Kuron 2050KV 4-pole sensorless brushless motor. This combo, when hooked up to a 6S LiPo, is stated to deliver 3,600 watts of power and be capable of speeds close to 70 mph. A pivot-ball front suspension will help soak up the high speed bumps and Corally is using its HiCC8 composite on the plastic parts. The driveshafts are all steel and the fronts are CVDs.

The CNC-machined aluminum chassis is 3 mm thick and the aluminum shock towers are even stouter. Hanging off the towers are 16 mm oversized threaded aluminum shocks. The aluminum theme continues with a two-piece motor mount and heavy-duty CNC-machined gears.

For control, a metal gear steering servo and a 2.4 GHz S2R radio system are included.

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