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Losi 1/5 DBXL-E 2.0 4WD Brushless Desert Buggy RTR

The big 1/5-scale Losi DBXL-E has been updated to 2.0 status. The original DBXL-E had a reputation of agile handling, impressive out-of-the-box speeds and noteworthy durability. Now, the Losi DBXL-E 2.0 looks to continue to build on that status with a bunch of new features and improvements. According to Losi, its designers have built the DBXL-E 2.0 to be cleaner and easier to use, but with all the same performance and speed. If you’re unfamiliar with this platform, in terms of layout and basic design, it’s basically an overgrown version of a 1/8-scale e-buggy.

One change on the 2.0 is that it’s now SMART. The 2.4 GHz DX2E Active transmitter is matched with a Spektrum SR6100AT 6-channel AVC Telemetry receiver. For power, the Spektrum Firma 160 Amp Brushless SMART ESC and Spektrum Firma 4-Pole 780Kv Brushless Motor provide 50+ MPH when matched with a 8-cell LiPo battery. We are huge fans of low Kv/high voltage setups like this. In our experience, they all of the electronics last much longer when the high voltage is doing the work instead of a high Kv motor trying to do it all. The Spektrum Firma 160 Amp Brushless SMART ESC is waterproof, completely programmable, and comes pre-wired with a high-current IC5 connector. The speed control will work with most sensorless brushless motors and is LiPo and NiMH compatible. The SMART technology provides information like battery voltage, RPM, RX pack Voltage, and Speed directly from the speed control when used with the Spektrum Dashboard app.

The drivetrain features beefy 5 mm drive pins and new gearboxes improve drivetrain strength and stability. In addition to the chassis stiffening plate, Losi have also added an additional electric specific rear chassis brace that goes all the way up to the center diff mount to increase the rigidity of the chassis.

The front and rear bulkheads have been updated to match the new gearboxes designed for the DBXL-E 2.0. Two additional mounting locations were added to the side of the bulkheads to keep the gearboxes from rocking up and down under acceleration and braking. This provides a more stable drivetrain, and increased overall durability.

New shock bodies with a lower aluminum cap that allows for easier maintenance of the shock seals for improved performance. The new upper shock caps have laser-etched FOX logos. All-new aluminum shock towers are part of the 2.0.

The DBXL-E 2.0 is offered in Losi and Fox Shox paint schemes and comes with Maxxis Creepy Crawler LT tires.

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