Pro-Line Reaction HP Belted SCT Drag Tires

First revealed in a social media sneak peek and now made official, Pro-Line has expanded its line of short course sized drag tires to include a new belted slick called the Reaction HP SC.

Designed for short course vehicles, such as the popular Traxxas Slash, the Reaction HP SC measure in with a 2.2 in. outside wheel diameter and a 3.0 in. inside wheel diameter. The tires is 4.15 in. tall and 1.8 in. wide, which is the same as Pro-Line’s Hoosier Drag Slick.

Not its first belted tire,┬áPro-Line states it has developed a technology to mold a high-performance, hence the HP designation, herringbone weave pattern belt inside of the Reaction HP Drag tires. According to Pro-Line, these belted slick drag racing tires were specifically designed for no-prep drag racing and will not balloon or expand during use, which will provide maximum control. The Reaction HP SC are molded in Pro-Line’s soft S3 compound and include soft foam inserts.

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