RPM Front Spindles for Losi Super Rock Rey

You can increase the durability of your Losi Super Rock Rey with the addition of the RPM Front Spindle Set. RPM’s spindles are 4 g lighter than stock and feature redesigned and reinforced steering arms.

The RPM spindles have reinforced steering arm ribs that triangulate further than stock, strengthening the steering arm. RPM also increased the amount of support material surrounding the axle bearings to improve overall strength. To reduce weight, the stock 4 mm king pin retaining screws were replaced with lighter 3 mm versions. This screw size change reduces the overall unsprung weight of the spindles by 4 g (2 g per side) without compromising strength. Stock steering geometry is retained. For aesthetic appeal, RPM redesigned the brake caliper mounts for a cleaner, more finished look and made them lighter.

These are made in the U.S. and sold in pairs. RPM adds that unsprung weight can be reduced by as much as an additional 2 grams simply by replacing the six M3 x 10mm cap heads screws securing the calipers to the caliper mounts with M3 x 8mm buttonhead screws (not included). Alternately, leaving the caliper plates and calipers off entirely will provide an even lmore unsprung weight-savings (at the cost of scale appearance).

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