Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Components for Arrma Limitless

If you’ve ever seen an F1 race, you know high speeds and carbon fiber just go together. And, in my opinion, when it comes to RC, you can’t have too much of either. If you own an Arrma Limitless, I’m guessing you agree and will be excited to know now you can give your Limitless a serious dose of bling that will increase the cool factor and performance thanks to Xtreme Racing’s latest carbon fiber parts.

The carbon fiber front and rear shock towers replace with aluminum pieces and are 5 mm thick. These pieces also fit Arrma’s Infraction vehicle.

Unless you’re going full JC Whitney on mom’s hand-me-down Civic, if your car has a splitter, it’s probably fast. If it has a carbon fiber splitter, it’s probably really fast. Or, it just looks so bloody fast, you don’t really care how fast it actually goes. In stock form, the Limitless looks pretty fast. You can get it to look that previously mentioned bloody fast with this 3 mm thick carbon fiber wonder.

The side skirts are 2 mm thick and not just about looking good. According to Xtreme Racing, they are designed to reduce flex compared to the stock components. Like the shock towers, the side skirts will also fit the Arrma Infraction.

Nobody will miss these. The wing ends replace the stock plastic pieces and are 2 mm thick.

Also, not just for appearance, these 2.5 mm supports should help transfer downforce and, thus, increase high speed stability.

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