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Pro-Line Avenger HP 1/8 Buggy Belted Tires

Pro-Line has increased its lineup of belted tires to include on-road tire for 1/8-scale buggies. The Avenger HP 1:8 Buggy Belted tires have what Pro-Line describes as a high-performance herringbone weave pattern belt on the inside of the tire. Since they are reinforced, the Avenger HP tires will not balloon or expand during use and will help you go straight and put the power down.

The Avenger HP tires are molded in Pro-Line’s soft M3 compound, so traction shouldn’t be a problem, and they are pre-mounted on black Pro-Line dish wheels to get you up and running without the hassle of having to glue the tires up.

I don’t know how fast you plan on going with your 1/8-scale buggy, but Pro-Line points out the limit for the Avenger HP tires is 100 mph or about 8,000 rpm.

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