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T-Bone Racing Maxximus Front Bumper for Traxxas Maxx

Talk about fast. The Traxxas Maxx is still brand new, and while many people haven’t even seen one in person yet, the crew at T-Bone Racing already has two new bumper options. T-Bone Racing made a name for itself via its nearly indestructible bumpers and similar accessories. For the Maxx, T-Bone Racing has two offerings. Shown here is the Maxximus, which is all about maximum front end protection.

T-Bone Racing states the Maxximus bumper is the first aftermarket bumper available for the Traxxas MAXX and that it offers twice the protection. Even though it’s substantially larger than stock, the Maxximus is compatible with the stock Maxx LED lights.

Included are the Maxximus bumper, front bumper support and upper brace.

The T-Bone Maxximus is offered in three colors, black, red and blue.

Learn more here.

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