The Backyard 2.5º Traxxas 2WD Bulkhead

The Traxxas Bandit, Stampede, Rustler and Slash share many parts, including the front bulkhead. As a part that can take a pretty good beating, the aftermarket support has been plentiful, but whether it’s RPM’s nylon or any one of the number of aluminum options, they all retain the stock amount of kick up, which is a steep 30º.  Recognizing a need for far less caster, The Backyard designed a new bulkhead with only 2.5º of kick up. This 3D printed part is made from PLA+. The Backyard states the new bulkhead works perfectly with the RPM front shock tower, but also works with the stock shock tower after minor trimming. Current pricing is $15 shipped.

The primary goal of reducing kick up is to increase initial turn-in. When you get off power just before entering a turn, less kick up will allow more forward weight transfer and more aggressive initial turn-in. As more purpose-built competition platforms enter dirt oval classes, this part should help the Traxxas vehicles carve corners with similar authority. The potential downside, from a handling and tuning perspective, is less straight line tracking. Or, better put, the vehicle may want to wander more down the straight. On many smaller dirt ovals, you might not even notice this “side effect.”

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