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JConcepts SCT Fling King Tires

Little backstory: the main driver of the popular Grave Digger monster truck, Dennis Anderson, got his motor sports start, not in car crushing, but in down-and-dirty competitive mud bogging. In fact, Grave Digger was a mud truck long before it was ever a monster truck. Working on a working man’s budget, Anderson got a little ribbing when the competition first gazed upon his pieced-together, homespun creation. Legend has it he responded that he’d ‘dig their graves with that truck.’

While he didn’t literally dig anyone’s grave, of course, he did come out of top more often than not and a quick-thinking retort quickly became one of the most famous names in motor sports. Everybody knows Grave Digger. When Anderson returned to his mud racing roots, the Grave Digger name wouldn’t work, so he came up with a new theme. King Sling was born. King Sling is Anderson’s state-of-the-art mega truck that is loaded with horsepower, equipped with a plush race-worthy suspension and rolls on cut tractor tires called rice and canes. To help RCers create their own mega trucks, JConcepts came out with Fling King 2.6″ Mega Truck tire.

Not wanting the monster truck crowd to have all the fun, JConcepts now has a Fling King tire specifically made for standard-width short course truck wheels.

JConcepts states that no details were spared. The V-type tread is perfectly replicated and the top of the tread even carries a slight recess adding a little touch of depth to the appearance. The sidewall has retro-style JConcepts lettering, Fling King logo and crown. Since they’re clearly directionals, the sidewall is further marked L and R for easy mounting orientation. These mud tires measure 4.45 in. tall, include Dirt-Tech closed-cell foam inserts and are available in JConcepts super soft green compound. For reference, the monster truck-sized Fling Kings are 5.72 in. tall.

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