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JConcepts L8 Night Late Model Body

It’s a great time to be into dirt oval. This segment just keeps getting bigger. And, as more people jump in, manufacturers take notice and start supporting with products. This influx of new gear garners even more interest and before you know it, a segment is blowing up. Add in the fact that the hottest segments are the more niche segments and all of a sudden the once “forgotten” or “ignored” are swimming in new releases and attention. Such is the case with the latest from JConcepts–the L8 Night Late Model body. Dirt oval guys never had it so good.

The L8 Night Late Model body is 10 in. wide and, as such, should fit a wide range of late model chassis. JConcepts describes the L8 Night as having a heavily dropped nose with extra tall “power rails” that line the front fenders allowing corner tracking stability. The cab is offset with recessed front, side and rear windows, and dual ribs on the roof strengthen the top of the shell. The flat rear deck incorporates indented channels designed to promote flow upward to the large rear spoiler and side-dams. The side-panels of the body feature recessed sections. These side pockets increase the rigidness of the panel giving high speed aerodynamic stability and increased resiliency to minimize body tucking, which helps maintain a healthy distance from wheel well to tire. Centered in the hood, a protection shroud for the mock air cleaner creates a realistic late model look.

The JConcepts L8 Night includes a pre-trimmed, pre-bent rear spoiler with hardware. The spoiler’s slotted side-dams are ready to go and feature an adjustment section of three positions for the rear spoiler angle. Window mask and a decal sheet are also included.

The L8 Night body debuted in May of 2019 at the inaugural JConcepts Spring Dirt Oval Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska.

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