Boom Racing Maxgrappler 1.9 Scale Crawler Tire

Boom Racing has a new tire for the scale crowd. The Maxgrappler is a 1.9 in. tire and offered in Boom Racing’s Gekko Compound. In addition to having exceptional sidewall details, the interior of this scale tire carcass has ribbing designed to maintain tire shape while side hilling. Boom Racing described the Gekko Compound as developed specifically for RC crawling and as super soft and tacky. Open-cell foam inserts are included.

At 4.45 in. and 1.45 in. wide this is Boom Racing’s largest Maxgrappler. The previous 1.9 Maxgrappler is 3.82 in. tall and 1.26 in. wide. There is also 1.55 version.

Learn more here.

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