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Arrma Granite Voltage 2WD Brushed Mega Monster Truck RTR

This might be the best bargain in RC right now. We’ll get to the key details below, but what might be most noteworthy about the Granite Voltage 2WD Brushed Mega MT is the approximate $100 price tag. This puts hobby-grade RC in your hands for what we often see toy store, basically disposable, rigs going for.

The Granite Voltage includes an Arrma ATX101 2.4 GHz radio system team up with a waterproof ADS-5 SRS Servo, which dishes out 70 oz.-in. of torque and 0.12s transit speed.

Interestingly, the speed control and receiver are incorporated into one unit. The MEGA SRS 3-in-1 unit includes an EC3 connector that is IC3 compatible, which means running Spektrum SMART LiPos won’t require an adapter. Arrma calls the SRS a 3-in-1 unit because it functions for speed control, receiver and servo control. While this non-modular design is more toy grade than hobby grade, we imagine it contributes to the low cost of the Voltage. A simple wall charger is also included, as are four AA batteries for the transmitter. The Granite Voltage literally requires nothing to get started.

Arrma includes a 1800 mAh 7.2V 6-Cell NiMH battery, which is said to be good for four to eight minutes of runtime. For power, a MEGA 20T 540 brushed motor gets the monster up to a fairly mild but beginner-friendly 20 mph.

Double wishbone front and rear suspension is complimented with fluid-filled shocks. The drivetrain features metal dogbone driveshafts and all-metal differential gears and ball bearings throughout.

For traction multi-terrain dBoots Copperhead monster truck tires are mounted to multi-spoke wheels.

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