Willspeed B6.1 RF2 Conversion Kit

Sometimes having something different at the track is just plain fun, and it’s a huge bonus when that something different performs. So, if you want a eye-catching ride that will help you win some races, it looks like Willspeed has you covered. The RF2, which was previously released for the Xray XB2, is a 5-gear “super laydown” conversion for the Team Associated B6.1. A Willspeed RF2 Falcon body is included.

The RF2 features a machined aircraft-grade billet aluminum tub-style chassis. Willspeed states the chassis design is lightweight, low center of gravity, integral strength and has a single piece no tweak design. Each chassis is individually serial numbered with name engraving available. The promise is an ultra lightweight platform that’s race ready.

Willspeed RF2 design utilizes an ultra-low profile aircraft-grade aluminum 5-gear transmission housing that has optimized weight distribution via lowered idler gears, lowered layshaft and a no-tower “A” frame design, and significantly lowering center of gravity. The aluminum shock tower has an internal undercut keyway, which interlocks with the transmission housing for solid mounting. The shock standoffs and turnbuckle locknuts are keyed in place for quick easy tuning. The motor is attached to an aircraft-grade billet aluminum motor mount, which is also designed with a focus on low center of gravity.

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