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Pro-Line Street Fighter HP 3.8″ Street Belted Tires Mounted

Going fast. It’s why most of us are drawn to RC cars. Speed is fun, and specialized equipment such as LiPo batteries and brushless motors have it much easier to go fast–really fast. But, until recently, one part of the package wasn’t keeping up with the technology. If you’ve ever seen a big brushless truck grow pizza cutters, you know I’m talking about tires. Pro-Line is changing that with its lineup of belted. The Street Fighter HP 3.8″ Street Belted Tires are, as the name indicates, belted tires and pre-mounts. And, as you can guess from the name, they are on a 3.8 in. monster truck wheel. The come in Pro-Line’s soft M2 compound.

The Street Fighter HP tire comes in at 6.22 in. tall and 3.11 in., and includes soft foam inserts. The Raid 10-spoke wheels are molded in a DuPont nylon and feature removable 17 mm wide offset (1/2 in.) hexes that can be replaced.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Pro-Line’s HP Belted tires have a herringbone weave integrated into the carcass of the tire. The purpose is to eliminate the ballooning caused by high RPMs.

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