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Axial SMT10 Monstrer Truck Raw Builder’s Kit

The RC community is a tough crowd. A few days ago Axial started teasing the re-release of the SMT10. What was coming out was technically a secret, but it was pretty obvious an Axial monster truck was happening. Most were happy to just have the Grave Digger version back, but of course there were angry barks from under the bridge saying, “it better be a kit.” To their surprise and probable disappointment, Axial delivered exactly what they asked for. In addition to the re-release of the RTR Grave Digger, Axial now has a kit version of the SMT10.

Unlike the Grave Digger, the Raw Builder’s Kit is all black with no trademark bright green parts. Other than that and the absence of a body, tires and electronics, the kit shares all the same specs and features of the RTR Grave Digger.

Learn more here.

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