ProTek RC Universal Radio Box Review

RC transmitters aren’t really all that durable. Sure, they’re not exactly fine crystal fragile, but they are electronic devices, and it doesn’t take a genius to know they can break pretty easily. But, even if having some no-frills RTR radios helped develop some less-than-careful habits, you’ll probably snap right out of it when you shell out hundreds for a computerized transmitter. And, that’s where a quality case comes in. When I recently upgraded to a Hitec Lynx 4S (review here), I knew I wanted some real protection for this high-end radio. I decided on the ProTek RC Universal Radio Box from Amain Hobbies. See the review below how it worked out. This review is actually a first for me, in that it’s a second–a second review of the same product. I first reviewed the ProTek RC Universal Radio Box over six years when I used one for a different transmitter. That setup, radio and case, are long gone, so I thought another more up-to-date review was warranted.

The ProTek RC Universal Radio Box is an aluminum-sided case that has all of its corners and edges reinforced. The hinges are strong metal components. There is no doubt this case is heavy duty. Empty other than a foam insert, the case weighs 3 lb. Speaking of foam inserts, the case if offered with or without a foam insert. Since there are all sorts of transmitter options out there, a variety of different inserts are offered, and ProTek even has a “blank” insert that is pre-scored for an easy custom fit for any radio. The lid of the case features egg crate shaped foam on the inside and the main compartment is traditional foam. Even the foam inserts that are precut for specific radios have pre-scored areas that can be removed for accessories.

At its widest points, the exterior of the case measures 15 in. long x 11 in. wide x 8 in. deep. The interior is 14 in. long and 10 in. wide. I do not know of a surface transmitter that it won’t accommodate.

The case with insert costs $64. Inserts are approximately $17.

I could have gone with a more budget-friendly padded bag that offered some limited protection, and I may have done so for a mid-range radio. But, for my primary transmitter, I wanted real protection, so the complete protection of the ProTek RC Universal Radio Box more than justified the extra expense. The ProTek aluminum case is on the expensive side and it is overkill, but any radio inside it is definitely protected. The bottom line is I love knowing with 100% confidence my radio will not be damaged going to and from races.

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