ProTek RC “TruShield” RC Car Detail Spray Review

I know for some people maintenance is a four letter word, but if you want your RC gear to last a long time and perform to its full potential, you need to take taking care of it. You need to do some maintenance. When it comes to maintenance, I’m a big fan of Simple Green on tires, Dawn soap on plastic parts and WD-40 on metal parts. And, I often also wipe down plastic parts with WD-40. It will seem slick and shiny at first, but WD-40 evaporates and lives a non-sticky coating that makes the parts look new again. What I don’t use any of those products on is bodies. To clean a body, I use warm water to rinse off any grime and then when it has no dirt particles on it, I clean it with Windex. The reason I get it dirt free before wiping it down with Windex is I don’t want to scratch the body. Now, I could leave it alone, but to take the clean to the next level I reached for AMain Hobbies’ ProTek RC “TruShield” RC Car Detail Spray.

There’s not a whole lot to say here. The ProTek RC “TruShield” RC Car Detail Spray is a 13 oz. aerosol spray can, which sells for about $13 at Amain Hobbies. The can is large, at over 9 in. tall, and the 13 oz. is net weight, so you’re getting a lot of product. Other than butane and propane, there isn’t a whole lot of ingredients you’ll likely recognize in the blend of chemicals that make of TruShield. What you do need to recognize is TruShield is not a cleaner. The spray is a final step that polishes and shines without leaving an oily residue that will attract dirt. In fact, TruShield is designed to help prevent dirt from sticking. It, as the label says, shines and protects.

I’m always going to use WD-40 on the metal parts like hinge pins and I’ve gotten really used to using it on plastic parts, but I was willing to try the TruShield on some chassis and bodies. Let me just say this right off, ProTek RC “TruShield” RC Car Detail Spray is fantastic on bodies. It definitely shines the body, but it also leaves the body noticeably slick. Again, not an oily slick. It’s more like it was professionally waxed. If I have a can, I will always use TruShield on my Lexan bodies. It’s that good. It’s also arguably better on plastic than WD-40. The upside of WD-40 is it’s about half the price of TruShield. For me, I’ll be using both. Again, WD-40 is always going to be my go-to for metal parts. TruShield is now my go-to for bodies. I’ll probably keep using TruShield on chassis and suspension parts as long as I don’t feel like I’m going through the can too quickly.

While the photo doesn’t really do it justice, the type of shine TruShield provides is visible on the Traxxas Stampede above. It’s fairly shiny and slick to the touch, but it isn’t oily at all. Besides making parts look good, TruShield did a great job keeping dirt from sticking to bodies and parts. It was part of my maintenance plan, but it also cut down on my needed maintenance. In the end, that’s what made me think ProTek RC “TruShield” RC Car Detail Spray was worth the money.

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