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NEW- Pro-Line Racing: 1/10 1973 GMC Sierra 3500 Clear Body


If you are looking for a scale look, then look no further. Pro-Line Racing has released some dually love. Fully Licensed and detailed after the 1973 GMC® Sierra™ 3500 Dually.


  • SCX10™ II & III (AXID9066 / AXI03014 / AXID9047 / AXID9059
  • Ascender®
  • Element Enduro (ASC40105 / ASC40105C / ASC40104 / ASC40104C)
  • Other 12.3″ Wheelbase Crawlers


Over the years, many in the scale scene have built dually custom crawler creations of all kinds. However this can sometimes be labor intensive and costly depending on the material being used. Manufacturing this scale look in a polycarbonate material is great in relation to being less top heavy and easy to work with. With Pro-Line’s Easy-Peel mask and detailed decals, finishing this body is easy. Paint it the classic two-tone or go all out color matching. Your only limited by your imagination.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer # 3590-00
Body Style 1973 GMC® Sierra™ 3500
Material Polycarbonate
Product Height 5.5″ (140 mm)
Product Length 20″ (508 mm)




Pro-Line Racing



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