RC Truck Stop and the RCTruckStop.com website are dedicated to all types of radio control trucks from built-to-bash monster trucks to highly detailed scale machines to race-ready short course trucks—and every truck in between.

Launched in 2011, RC Truck Stop is completely dedicated to the RC community and committed to providing accurate, quality content that you can trust. RC Truck Stop publishes honest reviews based on actual testing. We believe truthful, critical reviews provide experienced hobbyists with the content they seek and enable all enthusiasts—new or veteran—to make confident purchases and better enjoy the hobby.

RC Truck Stop is a content-rich RC media outlet that delivers tech, reviews and commentary articles that will entertain, inspire and inform. RCTruckStop.com is a content site, not a news blog. RC Truck Stop’s how-to articles show you how to keep your rig running and improve its performance and RC Truck Stop’s reviews allow you to spend your hard-earned dollars wisely.

RC Truck Stop is made for you—the real RC’er. At RC Truck Stop, we are serious about having fun. Our official color is camo and we don’t believe in shelf queens. We bash, we race—we are where the action really is.



Special thanks to David Maffucci of Visionary Computer