Are Monster Truck Shows Loud?

Monster truck shows have been a beloved form of entertainment for decades. The roar of the engines, the smell of exhaust, and the sheer power of these massive vehicles make them a thrilling spectacle. But are monster truck shows too loud?

The short answer is yes, monster truck shows can be incredibly loud. Monster trucks are equipped with powerful engines that can reach noise levels over 150 decibels – enough to damage hearing in nearby spectators if not properly controlled.

Furthermore, many venues where monster truck shows are held lack sound proofing or contain hard surfaces that amplify sound. This can make it difficult for spectators to enjoy the show without suffering from ringing in their ears.

However, it is important to note that there are steps that can be taken to reduce noise levels at monster truck shows. For example, organizers can install sound-absorbing materials such as foam panels or acoustic tiles to help reduce noise levels in the venue. Additionally, drivers can be instructed to keep their speed and engine revs down when performing stunts or driving around the track.


Monster truck shows can be loud and potentially hazardous to hearing if not properly controlled. However, by taking precautions such as installing sound-absorbing materials and limiting engine revs during stunts, organizers and drivers can help ensure that spectators enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience at these thrilling events.

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Karen Watkins