Are Truck Bed Shells Waterproof?

Are Truck Bed Shells Waterproof?

Truck bed shells, also known as toppers, caps or camper shells, are a great way to upgrade and protect your pickup truck. Made from aluminum or fiberglass, these covers provide an extra layer of protection for items stored in the truck bed. But one of the most common questions asked about truck bed shells is whether they’re waterproof.

The answer depends on the material used for the shell. Aluminum shells are not typically waterproof; however, they can be treated with a sealant that helps protect against water damage. Fiberglass is generally more water-resistant than aluminum, but it too can be sealed with something like a silicone sealant to increase its water-resistance.

Aside from the material used, there are some other factors that affect how waterproof a truck bed shell will be.

The type of sealant used is important: some sealants may provide better protection against water than others. Also, the shape of the shell should be taken into consideration – if there are seams or joints that could potentially let in water, then applying additional sealant may help prevent this from happening.

Another factor to consider is maintenance – over time, any sealant applied to a truck bed shell may need to be reapplied or replaced in order to maintain its effectiveness. Regular inspection and maintenance will help ensure that your truck bed shell stays as waterproof as possible for years to come.

In summary, whether or not a truck bed shell is waterproof depends on several factors including the material it’s made from and how well it’s been sealed and maintained over time. With proper care and maintenance, you can rest assured that your truck bed shell will continue to protect your cargo from moisture and other elements for many years down the road.


Depending on the material and condition of a truck bed shell, they can be quite water resistant when sealed properly with a quality silicone sealant and regular maintenance checks done over time.

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