Can a Nitro RC Car Run on Methanol?

Nitro RC cars are powered by nitro fuel, which is a combination of nitromethane, methanol and oil. Nitromethane is the main component of nitro fuel, but methanol is also present in smaller quantities. So the answer to the question ‘Can a nitro RC car run on methanol?’ is yes, but only in small amounts.

Methanol has similar properties as nitromethane, so it can be used as an alternative fuel for nitro RC cars. It has a higher octane rating than nitromethane and can provide more power to the engine.

However, it should not be used as a replacement for nitromethane since it does not provide the same level of lubrication and cooling that is needed for a high-performance engine.

When using methanol in a nitro RC car engine, it should be mixed with oil in order to provide the necessary lubrication and cooling effects. The ratio should be 25-30% methanol to 70-75% oil. Additionally, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions regarding fuel ratios as these can vary from one engine to another.

It’s also important to note that running a nitro RC car on methanol can cause some wear and tear on the engine over time due to its higher octane rating than what is typically used with nitromethane. Therefore, if you decide to use methanol in your engine you should make sure that you have regular maintenance checks done on it.


In conclusion, while a Nitro RC car can run on Methanol – it’s not recommended as a substitute for Nitromethane due to its lack of lubrication and cooling properties. If you do decide to use Methanol in your Nitro RC car’s engine then make sure you get regular maintenance checks done on it as it could cause some wear and tear over time.

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