Can a Uhaul Truck Tow a Camper?

The answer is yes, but only certain Uhaul trucks are equipped to do so.

Uhaul offers a variety of truck sizes and models from which to choose. The smallest truck in the line-up, the 10’ truck, is not capable of safely towing any type of camper. However, the larger models are equipped with features that make them suitable for towing campers and other light trailers.

Uhaul’s 15′ and 17′ trucks have an available tow package option that adds an additional 400 pounds of maximum towing capacity. This brings the total towing capacity up to 4,400 pounds or 2 tons. All Uhaul trucks are also equipped with an automatic transmission and power steering for easy maneuverability when driving with a heavy load.

When it comes to safety while towing a camper, there are some important considerations. Uhaul recommends that customers use trailer brakes on trailers weighing over 1,000 pounds to ensure safe stopping distances. Customers should also make sure their hitch is properly rated for the weight being towed and that all associated safety chains are in good working order.

U-Haul also recommends using wheel chocks when parking trailers or campers overnight or for extended periods of time. Wheel chocks help keep the trailer in place by preventing it from rolling or shifting due to wind, traffic or other forces.

In conclusion, it is possible for certain Uhaul trucks to safely tow campers and other light trailers. Before doing so, however, customers should make sure their truck model has an available tow package option and that all necessary safety precautions are taken such as using trailer brakes on heavier loads and wheel chocks when parking overnight or for extended periods of time.

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