Can I Run a Pickup Truck Through a Carwash?

Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle for those who require something larger than a car, but not quite as big as a van. But just like any other vehicle, they need to be kept clean and maintained.

So the question arises: can you run a pickup truck through a carwash? The answer is yes, but it depends on the size of the truck and the size of the carwash.

The biggest factor in deciding if your pickup truck can go through a carwash is its size. Generally speaking, most pickup trucks will fit into an average-sized carwash, but if your truck is particularly large or extra long, you may have trouble finding one that will accommodate it. It’s important to check with the specific carwash before attempting to drive your truck through in order to make sure they have the appropriate equipment.

If you do find a suitable carwash for your truck, there are still some things to consider before heading in. Make sure that all of your windows are rolled up and any accessories (such as roof racks or running boards) are removed from the exterior of your vehicle.

This will help prevent them from getting damaged during the wash process. It is also important to note that some automatic carwashes may not be able to handle large vehicles, such as pickup trucks, so you should always ask first before attempting to drive through.


In conclusion, it is possible to run a pickup truck through a carwash – so long as you take into account its size and choose an appropriate facility. Always check with the specific carwash beforehand and make sure all windows are rolled up and accessories removed before entering the wash bay.

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