Can My Truck Haul That Camper?

As the warmer weather approaches, and with it the promise of summer holidays, many of us are considering what type of holiday we want to take. One option that many are turning to is campervanning – taking a camper van and making a road trip. But if you don’t have a camper van, the question arises: can my truck haul that camper?

The answer will depend on your truck and the type of camper you are thinking about. Generally speaking, most pickup trucks should be able to haul a small pop-up or hard shell camper as long as they have a Class III trailer hitch. If you have an older pickup truck, however, you may need to upgrade your hitch in order to safely tow a camper.

Once you’ve determined your hitch is up to the task, next comes finding out what size and weight of camper your truck can safely haul. This will depend on your truck’s payload capacity: its maximum weight limit for both passengers and cargo. You’ll need to consult your owner’s manual or vehicle manufacturer website to find out what this number is.

Once you know your payload capacity, it’s time to look at campers. Different types of campers come in different sizes and weights; so make sure whatever model you choose won’t exceed your truck’s payload capacity once loaded up with yourself, any passengers and all other items such as luggage or supplies for the journey. It is important that you don’t overload your vehicle.

In conclusion

Can my truck haul that camper? The answer will depend on the type of truck and camper being used. Most trucks should be able to handle smaller pop-up or hard shell campers but it is important to make sure that it has a Class III trailer hitch if necessary, as well as checking its payload capacity before loading up for the journey.

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