Can You Balance Semi Truck Tires?

Balancing semi truck tires is an important part of truck maintenance, as it helps to ensure a smooth ride and reduces the risk of tire failure. It is important to ensure that the tires are properly balanced before they are put back on the truck, as this will help to reduce vibration and tire wear. There are several steps involved in balancing semi truck tires, and it is important for drivers to understand the process in order to properly maintain their vehicles.

The first step in balancing semi truck tires is to measure the circumference of each tire. This can be done with a tape measure or a special tool called a wheel balancer.

Once the circumference is measured, the next step is to check for any irregular tire wear. If there are any signs of uneven wear, then it may be time for a tire rotation or for new tires.

Once the circumference and wear have been checked, the next step is to mount the wheels on a wheel balancer. This will allow you to spin each wheel while measuring its weight and balance. If there are any discrepancies between wheels or if one wheel weighs more than another, then adjustments can be made by adding small weights or moving them around until all four wheels are balanced equally.

Finally, after all four wheels have been balanced correctly, they should be checked again with a balance machine before being put back on the semi truck. This will help to ensure that they remain correctly balanced even after being driven over rough terrain or long distances.


It is possible for drivers to balance their own semi truck tires if they have the right tools and knowledge about how to do it properly. However, it may be best for some drivers to consult an experienced technician in order to ensure that their tires are properly balanced before driving them on public roads.

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