Can You Do Uber Freight With a Pickup Truck?

Uber Freight is a popular application that revolutionized the trucking industry. It allows drivers to find loads, book shipments, and communicate with their customers with ease. But can you do Uber Freight with a pickup truck?

The short answer is yes. Uber Freight does not discriminate against any type of vehicle.

Whether you have a Class 8 tractor-trailer or a pickup truck, you can use the app to find and book shipments. The type of vehicle will determine the types of loads that are available to you.

Pickup trucks are typically used for smaller loads such as local deliveries and cross town hauls. This means that most of the loads that are available for pickup trucks are going to be less than 500 miles in distance. If you’re looking for long-hauls or cross country jobs, then it’s unlikely that you’ll find them on Uber Freight.

Another important factor to consider is the size of your pickup truck. Some loads require more space than others so it’s important to make sure your pickup truck is able to accommodate the load before booking it. You may also need additional safety features such as air brakes or chains depending on what type of load you’re carrying.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that Uber Freight requires its drivers to have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). So even if you have a pickup truck that meets all other requirements, if you don’t have a valid CDL then you won’t be able to use Uber Freight.


Yes, it is possible for drivers with a pickup truck to use the Uber Freight app and find loads; however, they should keep in mind that most of these loads will likely be shorter in distance and may require additional safety features depending on the type of load they are carrying. Furthermore, all drivers must also possess a valid CDL in order to use the app.

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