Can You Drift a Regular RC Car?

It’s a question that has perplexed many enthusiasts of the hobby.

After all, a remote controlled car is designed to have precise control, not to slide around corners like a professional racecar. But the fact is that it is possible to drift an RC car, with some modifications and practice.

The key to drifting an RC car is its weight distribution. The heavier the chassis, the more stable it will be while cornering.

This stability makes it easier to drift without losing control of the vehicle. To achieve this stability, many people add weight to their RC cars. This can be done by adding lead weights or other heavy materials such as sandbags.

Once the desired weight distribution has been achieved, it’s time to tune your RC car for drifting. This involves adjusting the suspension settings so that there is just enough grip in order for your vehicle to slide around corners. This can be done by adjusting ride height and camber angles, as well as tweaking shock absorbers and spring rates.

In addition to tuning your RC car for drifting, you should also invest in some good tires with plenty of grip. Good tires are essential for getting your vehicle to drift properly, as they will provide better traction and control when cornering at high speeds.


So can you drift a regular RC car The answer is yes – with some modifications and practice, you can learn how to drift an RC car just like a professional racecar driver! All it takes is some weight distribution adjustments and suspension tuning along with good tires – and you’ll be ready to take on any corner in style!

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