Can You Extend Truck Bed?

Trucks are an essential part of many people’s lives, whether it be for work or recreational use. But sometimes, the standard bed length of a truck may not be enough to carry whatever you need.

This can leave you needing something bigger, better and more capable. Fortunately, there are several ways you can extend the bed of your truck to fit your specific needs.

Extend-A-Bed: One option for extending your truck bed is to purchase an “Extend-A-Bed” kit. This kit allows you to extend the length of your truck bed by up to 3 feet, giving you extra room for bigger cargo or extra passengers.

The Extend-A-Bed kit includes two steel rails that are secured to the frame of the truck bed and two removable sides that attach securely to the rails. It also includes a tailgate extender that helps keep items secure during transport.

Bed Extenders: Another way to extend your truck bed is with a custom-made bed extender. These extenders come in various lengths and can be mounted directly onto your truck’s existing frame or on a trailer hitch. They extend outward from the end of the bed, giving you more space for larger items such as furniture, motorcycles or ATVs.

Drop In Bed Liners: If you don’t want to permanently alter your truck’s frame, then drop in bed liners offer another option for extending your truck’s bed length. These liners are made from heavy duty plastic and fit directly into your existing truck frame. They come in various sizes and shapes and offer additional protection from dirt and dust while also providing extra storage space.


No matter what type of cargo you’re transporting or how much extra room you need, there are several ways you can extend the length of your truck’s bed without having to buy a new one. From Extend-A-Bed kits to custom made extenders and drop in liners, any one of these options provide an effective solution for getting more out of your current vehicle.

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